Sep 11 2014

Caden’s Story


Age of surgery: 2 months old

Caden had a Tumor inside and outside his Spinal Cord through to his neck. The Tumor is rare and no studies on it… They removed most of it when he was 2 months old. Caden then had a Stroke to the Right Side of his Brain. Caden they did not think would make it for 3 months after… Caden still has part of the Tumor on his Spine at C5..It was impossible to get and is sitting on nerves to his brain and the nerves that could be keeping him from walking. He could not eat by mouth nor hardly breathe on his own and received a feeding tube at 5 months old. He was sent home on Oxygen for first year of his life. Caden stayed like a vegetable for the first 2 1/2 years of his life. He could not move, he did not grow, nor did he eat by mouth or talk. They could not tell me if he would ever in his life do anything they thought he would stay like that forever.

Then at the age of 3 his first movement was pulling my hair and his first word was owww because I would say owww that hurts and he started laughing and doing it all the time. From that point, I never stopped repeating words and just never stopped ever trying. When one doctor said no, I said thanks for your opinion and went to the next. Caden is now turning 6 September 30th and he can talk better than an adult. He eats everything in the world by mouth plus feeds for nutrition to grow by feeding tube. He is a miracle and has faught so hard for his life in and out the hospitals. He is so strong. They told me the other day that they can never remove the remaining tumor left in his spine and there is no medicine as of now to make it go away. The Cancer doctor said he is hoping in time more research in further years to find a cure for his tumor. They will do an MRI every 6 months to make sure it has not grown or spread. The tumor is putting pressure on his nerves to walk. The doctors won’t say Caden will never walk, but it seems unlikely. Caden was not suppose to have done anything at all and look at him now… He is so determined to walk.. I know he will. He is my Hero and the strongest person I know. So please wear a Green Ribbon and support the Spinal Cord Injury and Tumor Awareness Month in September.

This is Caden Stone and this is his story!!!  :)

Thank you and God Bless.