Oct 03 2012

Survivor Spotlight – Kent Davis

Kent and Diane Davis
by SCTA Volunteer Joanne Glosser Jaeger

A real life “Yours Mine and Ours”

Kent’s Surgery: June 1999

Home: Martinez, GA a suburb of Augusta
(home of the Masters Golf tournament)

Kent’s occupation:

Works for a Dept. of Energy contractor that provides security at nuclear facilities for the past 15 years. Prior to that was in the ministry for 14 years.

Diane’s occupation:

Diane is a stay at home mom, and very accomplished artist. She does portraits;animals; landscapes, and recently began doing home wall murals. They will take your breath away.


Cathy, 27; Sam, 25; Josh, 24; Claire, 23; Ryan, 22; Trevor, 20; Peter, 18; Alyssa and Danielle, 7. Josh and Ryan are from Kent’s first marriage and Alyssa and Danielle are Kent’s and Diane’s together. The other 5 were from Diane’s first marriage. Kent considers them all his. Currently, four of the children live at home. The blending of the families went pretty smoothly. The twins have brought real unity to the family. The girls love all their brothers and sisters.

Kent’s Hobbies:

Family is the main one; it takes almost all of my time. The SCTA takes a little time and I enjoy that. I love to read.

How did they meet?

I met my wife Diane at the church my first wife and I attended. In November of 1992 my wife was diagnosed with incurable cancer and died the day after my 40th birthday. She lived only 5 months after they found the cancer. As you might guess it was very hard on the boys and myself. My boys were 13 and 11. I didn’t date at all for a year. Then one day I saw this lady at the bank and I thought her voice sounded like Diane. It was. I invited her out to dinner and the rest is history.

First Impressions:

I always thought she was a very pretty, sweet, Christian woman. She always admired me as a Christian husband and father. (We hit it off)

Romantic (?) Proposal:

I realized on the first date that this was a lady I could fall in love with and marry. After we dated for about 6 months, and I got past the 5-kid issue, we went out to dinner and I told her “it didn’t make any sense for us to date. We might as well get married.” We got married on April Fools Day, 1995.

What are we getting ourselves into??:

The kids were probably the biggest issue that we faced. We told ourselves that the kids would soon be moving out and we would have a long life just the two of us. We had no idea we would soon have twin girls!

When they found out they were expecting :

We were both shocked. Diane was 41 and I was 42 so that put us in a High Risk pregnancy. Additionally, there were medical reasons for me to believe I could not father more children. When I went back to the doctor and he checked me he said the twins were a miracle.

Staying together through thick and thin and spinal cord tumors:

Diane is a very strong person and a very giving person. The older kids were great and helped out a lot and our Church was very helpful. We were not going to let anything get between our marriage and us. We have a great relationship. Diane was the most encouraging and supportive person she could be. She didn’t have to go to work after my surgery, because I had great benefits that paid me for the 9 month I was out, so she could spend all her time taking care of our girls and me.

If you could do it over again…

I can’t think of anything. We have seen our challenges, but our faith in Jesus has carried us through and our love for each other has always overcome.

Perfect complement to each other:

Diane is a worrier, and I don’t worry about anything. I like to spend money and she can stretch a dollar a long way. Diane is a great wife and mother. She pours everything she has into her family. About 2 years ago she was diagnosed with Lupus. This has caused her a lot of discomfort and she’s tired all the time, but she continues to be all a person could ask her to be.

Personal philosophy:

My faith has made me strong. God sustains in our greatest times of needs. My God has a great since of humor, and this helps me to laugh when perhaps I would like to cry. Don’t take yourself to seriously. Give something back. God has given us so much.